​Glenn "Sarge" Owens

electric guitar, mandolin, vocals

A widely-traveled veteran of the mid-Atlantic music scene with a background in funk, progressive, and other styles.

Na'Bodach is:

his teenage decision, he began making up for lost time. He's been playing classical and traditional music since and is expanding his style to zydeco, blues, jazz, and old time fiddle.

variety of international hand-percussion instruments he’s collected over the years.

​​Bayard "Buddy" Osthaus

bass, bodhran, fifes, whistles, vocals

Having gravitated toward Celtic music by high school, Bud learned to play a little bit of just about any instrument he could find, settling on Kentucky dulcimer, bodhran, fife, and penny whistle. 

A former member of Mollyhawkes he is known for his prodigious musicality and currently holds the Guinness World Record for musical instruments learned in a 24 hour period (14).

​​​  A veteran of church choirs, collegiate a cappella groups, and the trad/folk scene in central Jersey, he has played with the Back Door Band and the Immortals and is a founder of Mitchell's Famous Irish Session in Lambertville.  

​Mark Wilber Stewart
Bouzouki, fiddle, whistles, vocals

Mark has been singing his whole life, annoying friends by inventing harmonies to songs on the radio.  He started on guitar in grade school and later added bass, mandolin, bouzouki, and fiddle. 

Caywood "Casey" Jones 

electric pipes, fifes, whistles, vocals

A project director on the award winning album, "Kilted Warriors".

Past member of the USAF Pipe Band (ret.)

Randy Decker

Percussion, vocals, harmonica

The tallest member of the band, Randy enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, classic movies, quiet conversation, cuddling on the sofa, and puppies. With Na’Bodach, he will play anything from a full drum kit to a 

​Wolf Hul

violin, vocals

A lifelong NJ resident, Wolf started playing violin at age six, but stopped ten years later when he became taller than his parents and decided violin wasn't "cool". Thirty years later, regretting